TOP SAFETY TIPS is a community site where young people can come together to share their passion for stories. We want it to stay a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for teen readers of all ages. Check out our top tips below to stay safe (and happy!) online:

1.       Make your password hard to guess and keep it secret

Do not give out your password to anyone, including us. will never ask for your password, so don't be fooled by anyone claiming they work at and want your password. If you are using a public computer NEVER allow the computer to remember the password being used and ALWAYS log out. Report anyone who asks you for your password, even if they claim they are official employees.

2.       Do not give any other users on your email address, phone number, Facebook details or any other contact information

Never give out private and personal information (your telephone number, email, home address, school instant messenger name, password or any personal details) to people on who you don’t know outside of the website. Be cautious of people who ask you for too much information, even if you’ve 'known' them for a while.

3.       Consider the difference between the websites or social media sites you are a member of. 

You might think it is OK to make your twitter account public to everyone on, but keep your Facebook and Instagram profiles private.

Once you post information online, you can’t take it back. It’s important to keep private whatever you don’t mind the whole world seeing!

4.       Do not agree to meet anyone that you have met on in real life – the person might not be who they say they are.

It's always better to keep online mates online. Don't meet up with any strangers you have met online without an adult you trust being with you. If your 'friend' has a problem with that, they might not be who they say they are. It's better to be uncool than unsafe!

5.       Please report any suspicious or offensive conduct that you come across on

Concerned about someone's dodgy behaviour online? Are they making you feel uncomfortable? If you are worried or concerned about something someone has sent you or you have seen online, or if someone is being abusive to you or someone else on, you can report it via the 'report abuse' button underneath a comment or you can email us at


If you want to find out more about how to stay safe online or you want to report someone’s behaviour, whether it’s bullying, abusive, or making you uncomfortable, you can take a look at or here for more information about where to go, and where to get advice.

Crisis helplines

These organisations are set up to specifically help young people in need:


Comments are an important part of We love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and we hope the site is a great place for you to interact and make friends with other readers. 

However, we do have some important guidelines to consider when leaving comments: 

1.      Treat other people with respect and politeness, as if you were talking face to face. Sometimes anonymity and being online can encourage people to say things they wouldn't dream of saying in real life. 

2.      Please refrain from using the comments to simply spam or advertise things.

3.      Comments that are abusive, threatening, obscene or racist will be removed and could result in your account being deleted. 

4.      If you find a comment that you think breaks these guidelines, please flag it via the 'report abuse' and we will check it within 24 hours. You can also let us know at

Information for Parents and guardians is a community site where young people can come together to share our passion for great stories. 

At we take the matter of online safety very seriously and it is our top priority to maintain a safe, friendly and engaged environment. Any user of who does not abide by our rules will receive a warning and be asked to remove all offensive content and moderate their behavior. If the issue is not resolved, we will proceed to delete the user’s profile. We have automatic filters to help us, but we still encourage our users to help by reporting back to us immediately if they come across anything suspicious or unpleasant.

At we feel very strongly about bullying and we are doing our best to provide a community without bullying or hostility. We want everyone to feel comfortable and we aim to create an environment that gives everyone an equal opportunity to share and engage, and hopefully get an experience that is not determined by their background or possible real life challenges. 

On this page users will find safety guidelines and links to crisis websites that are completely free and offer professional counselling and help. Of course the users of are also very welcome to contact us with any issues, if they feel more comfortable doing that.

How parents or guardians can help

1.       Explain to your children what information should be private, for instance your home address or security details. 

2.       Help your children understand the concept of anonymity and how people on the internet might not be who they say they are.

3.       Remind your children that once they post information online, they can’t take it back. Even if they delete the information from a site, older versions may exist on other people’s computers and be circulated online.

4.       Know how your children are getting online and what they do there. 

5.       Talk to your children about bullying, especially cyber bullying, and what to do about if they feel they are the victim of this. 

6.       Talk to your children about avoiding sex talk online.

7.       Tell your children to trust their gut if they have suspicions. If they feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, encourage them to tell you. You can then help them report concerns to the police. has links where users can immediately report abusive, suspicious or inappropriate online behavior.

8.       Explore and get your child to show you the kind of stories they like to read, who they are talking to on the site.

If you have any questions about site safety please email us at

Frequently asked questions

How old do I need to be to use this site?

You need to be 13 or over. Ask your parent or guardian if you’re in any doubt about whether you can use the site.

How do I join?

It’s easy. Go to the My Kinda Book section and register your details. Don’t worry, we won’t sell on your information to anyone else or let them use it for marketing purposes.

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