The House on Hummingbird Island

Sam Angus

We're going to a fine place,' Idie told Homer to console him, 'with gullies and monkeys and hummingbirds.'

Idie Grace is twelve when she inherits a grand old house on a Caribbean island, and is sent away from grey old England to a place where hummingbirds hover and monkeys clamber from tree to tree.

As a lady of property Idie can do as she pleases, so she fills the house with exotic animals, keeps her beloved horse in the hallway, and carries a grumpy, talking cockatoo called Homer on her shoulder. But the island house holds as many secrets as it does animals, and the truth behind Idie's inheritance is the biggest secret of all . . .

Perfect for fans of Eva Ibbotson and Katherine Rundell.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447263036
Published: 02/06/2016

Sam Angus

Sam Angus

Sam Angus was born in Italy and grew up in France and in Spain during the final years of General Franco’s dictatorship. She studied Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge and taught A level English before setting up one the most successful fashi...

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