The Dark Light

Julia Bell

He looks towards the sky, hands raised. Aganist the fierce light of the fire he appears as a shadow, hair blowing across his face like strands of wool caught in the hawthorn. 'He's coming for his children.'

Rebekah has lived on New Canaan her whole life and has never thought to question the strange beliefs of her community or the extreme teachings of their charismatic leader. But then Alex arrives, with a dark past and a soul that needs saving, and the girls are inexplicably drawn to one another. Soon Rebekah starts to question everything she has ever known, and Alex starts to suspect that she isn't on this island to be saved, but to be sacrificed. . .

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Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447283034
Published: 16/07/2015

Julia Bell

Julia Bell

Julia Bell is a writer and teacher and her novels have been published in the UK and US and translated into many foreign languages. She is also the co-editor of the bestselling The Creative Writing Coursebook, which she wrote and compiled while tea...

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