Julia Bell

Weight has always been a big issue in Carmen's life. Not surprising when her mum is obsessed with the idea that thin equals beauty, thin equals success, thin equals the way to get what you want. And somehow her daughter is going to be thin.
When her mother sweeps her off to live in the city, Carmen finds her old world disappearing. With everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Carmen starts to ask: if she was thin, very thin, could it all be different?
'Bell's debut novel is tough, grimy and truthful as it looks at three women in the same family with food problems' Guardian
'. . . boldly yet sensitively explores complex interactions between emotional and nutritional needs . . . perceptive and disturbing' Bookseller 
'. . . told with sympathy and humour . . . manages to be enjoyable as well as thought-provoking' Big Issue

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447290353
Published: 02/05/2012

Julia Bell

Julia Bell

Julia Bell is a writer and teacher and her novels have been published in the UK and US and translated into many foreign languages. She is also the co-editor of the bestsellingĀ The Creative Writing Coursebook, which she wrote and compiled while tea...

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