How to be Popular

Meg Cabot

. . . when you're a social reject like me, Steph L.!

Steph Landry’s been a high school pariah – and the butt of every joke imaginable – ever since she spilt her red Super Big Gulp all over It Girl Lauren Moffat’s white D&G mini-skirt.

But now Steph’s got a secret weapon – an ancient book, HOW TO BE POPULAR, which her soon-to-be step-grandmother once used to break in to her A-crowd. All Steph has to do is follow the instructions in The Book and wait for the partying begin! But as Steph’s about to discover, it’s easy to become popular – it’s less easy staying that way . . .

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978023053198701
Published: 05/04/2007

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is the author of The Princess Diaries series as well as several other series and bestselling novels for teenagers. Her books have sold millions of copies round the world. She has lived in various parts of the US and France, but now lives...

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I found this book so good ! I would recommend it to girls 11+. there was so much drama and real people have actually been through that situation so if you have, read it ! I loved the ending as it turns out, what you think is true love, actually isn't. I could read it 100 times over.
I read this in middle school, and it really helped me get over my fears of the popular kids. I also took a lot of fashion advice from this book


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