Becoming Betty

Eleanor Wood

Lizzie Brown's life is one big to-do list: 
1. Start college
2. Become cool
3. Decide wtf to do with her life
So when she meets Viv, the crazy, beautiful lead singer in a band, she thinks she's on her way to achieving number two on her list. And when Viv asks her to be the bass player in the band, there's only one problem - Lizzie can't play a single note. And that she's nowhere near cool enough (ok, two problems). And that she has a huge crush on the guitarist (ok, three), who happens to be Viv's boyfriend (ok, this is a terrible idea). 
But Viv won't take no for an answer, and decides that a makeover is the answer to everything. Boring Lizzie Brown is going to become Betty Brown the Bass Player and there's nothing Lizzie can do about it . . .

Told with Eleanor Wood's trademark warmth and hilarity, Becoming Betty is the story of one girl's journey to being cool, and learning what's on the other side.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447278382
Published: 28/07/2017

Eleanor Wood

Eleanor Wood

Eleanor Wood lives in Brighton, where she can mostly be found hanging around in cafes and record shops, running on the neach, pretending to be French and/or that it's the 1960s and writing deep into the night. She used to make a photocopied fanzin...

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Becoming Betty


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