All American Girl: Ready Or Not

Meg Cabot

A year ago Sam Madison saved the President of the USA from assassination. A year ago she became a teen celebrity - and started dating David, the First Son.

Now, one year on, everyone thinks Sam is ready - for just about anything. Her art teacher thinks she's ready to draw naked people. The President thinks she's ready to present his Return to Family bill to the American people on live TV. And scariest of all, David seems to think he and Sam are ready to crank their relationship up to the next level. They are ready to Do It!

Everyone thinks Sam is ready - except Sam herself. But will David be prepared to wait for his All American Girl?

Length: 224 pages
ISBN: 978033043834602
Published: 05/10/2006

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is the author of The Princess Diaries series as well as several other series and bestselling novels for teenagers. Her books have sold millions of copies round the world. She has lived in various parts of the US and France, but now lives...

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i just love her books dey r d best books...i love meg cabot's mediator series i wish she continues writng such breathtaking , awesome books....
ppl who hate meg cabot should really get a life.. ( except for d guys)
she's an amazing author

Posted by AARYA
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All American Girl: Ready Or Not



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