Spells We'd like to cast

In honour of our magical book of the month, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, the MKB editors have decided to share the spells we'd like to be able to cast!

Jess - What I'd really love to be able to cast is a teleportation spell. While it would be very handy for getting to work without the commute, and catching up with far-flung friends, I also imagine that being able to pop off for a quick holiday to any location at any moment would be a great perk as well!

Kat - If I could have any spell in the world I think it would be to freeze time, or add more hours to the day. Then I'd definitely use those hours to watch back-to-back boxsets and read loads more books - all the things I never get enough time to do in my spare time!

Bea - So many books, so little time. With one wave of the magic wand I would be given the gift of speed reading. Imagine the worlds I could visit just on one lazy Sunday afternoon reading by the fire. I'd have been to Narnia, Neverland and Hogwarts by the time my roast was on the table.

Leanne - If I could cast any spell it would be invisibility. Just think of the things I would be able to do without being detected. I would probably hop onto the next flight bound for New York. Not only that, think of the secrets I could learn about people.

Catherine - I would cast an ‘I Woke Up Like This’ spell – so I would wake up looking perfect every morning! I could roll out of bed and into the office but still look presentable – think of all the extra time for sleep!

Charlotte - My spell would be having enough energy and feeling well rested after a little amount of sleep because it means I can whizz through my current 'to read' pile which is looking very similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Let us know what spells you'd like to be able to cast in the comments, or over @mykindabook!