What’s Coming Soon? January-March 2017

New year, new selection of amazing books to add to your overflowing TBR pile! Since you're always asking us what books we're publishing next, we've pulled together a handy list of upcoming titles for you to fall in love with.

Check out the amazing titles we've got coming out between January – March 2017. We can't wait to hear what you think!


A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard 
12th January 2017

Steffi doesn't talk, but she has so much to say.
Rhys can't hear, but he can listen.
Their love isn't a lightning strike, it's the rumbling roll of thunder.

The next book from the wonderfully talented Sara Barnard (of Beautiful Broken Things and Zoella Bookclub fame!) is the stunning story of Steffi and Rhys. Steffi has been a selective mute for most of her life, but when new boy Rhys arrives at her College they manage to communicate perfectly, even though he’s deaf.

This is a stunning novel, filled with love, friendship and sign language.


Kiss Cam by Kiara London
26th January 2017

Juniper, Jasper, and Lenny have been friends forever and co-own a vlog channel called WereVloggingHere. When their fans start to ship Juniper and Jasper, a Truth-or-Dare inspired kiss soon spirals out of control.

As fans requests for more ‘Kiss Cam’ segments pour in, Juniper and Jasper’s friendship shifts – but it’s just kissing . . . right?


Heartless by Marissa Meyer
9th February 2017

Long before she was the Queen of Hearts, she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love.

From New York Times bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer, comes a vision of Wonderland like none you've seen before, telling the untold story of the girl who would the notorious Queen of Hearts.

Stifled by her parents and trapped by the King’s advances, Cath is determined to define her own destiny – by opening a bakery with her best friend. But when a mysterious court joker appears in Wonderland, a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans.


The Challenge by Tom Hoyle
23rd February 2017

Ever since Ben’s best friend Will disappeared from their tiny village a year ago, nothing has been the same. But when twins Sam and Jack begin at Ben’s school, things start to look up.  Cool, good-looking and popular, they draw Ben into their world and introduce him to The Challenge.  

What first appears to be a fun internet game quickly turns sinister as Ben's tasks become wilder and more dangerous, raising questions over Will's disappearance.  But once you're involved with The Challenge, it's very hard to get out . . .

Don’t miss this gripping adventure thriller about an online game gone wrong - from the author of Thirteen.


The Width of the World by David Baldacci
9th March 2017

David Baldacci is back with The Width of the World, the third book in the global bestselling Vega Jane series. Vega Jane's quest to understand her history continues as she travels beyond her known world into a dangerous realm full of magic and mysterious beasts.

Vega Jane continues her quest to understand her history and travel beyond her known world into a dangerous realm full of magic and mysterious beasts. Accompanied by best friend Delph, her dog, Harry Two, and new accomplice, Petra, Vega Jane must take on the evil magical race of the Maladons, who are determined to wipe them out.


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