How I Got My Job: Verity from Maximum Pop

Our good friends at Maximum Pop! love music, films, books and more - and we love them. As part of our How I Got My Job series, we're lucky enough to have their Editor, Verity, telling us about her day to day life at this popular music news platform.
​Tell us what you do for a living.
I’m currently Editor for Maximum Pop!. Maximum Pop! is one of the UK’s largest websites for teens who love all things music, books, film and above anything else, all things silly. If it can make us laugh, we’ll post it to make you smile.
How did you go about getting your job? What did you do before that?
I always knew from a really young age that I wanted to work in something connected with music, I just wasn’t sure what! I went off to university in Buckinghamshire to study music management and artistic development (fancy, I know) whilst I was here I undertook as many internships and work experience placements as possible, from festivals to music management companies.
After I finished university I landed a 3-month paid placement at Warner Music International, one of the three major record labels in the UK. I was part of a small team who focused on marketing artist merchandise and ensuring their official stores were the best they could be, I spent a lot of time working on Ed Sheeran’s store, I once accidentally shut the door on him too. Sorry Ed.
Whilst working at various other jobs in the music industry I saw a Tweet from my now boss Olly about needing some help with a new project for teens. I spent my free time helping with things like data entry and admin tasks. After getting to know Olly, becoming friends (it’s nice having a boss who’s your friend) and proving I was capable of a variety of tasks he offered me the job of site Editor.
What does a day in the life of your job look like?
On a typical Monday morning I have to get the boring stuff out of the way first, this means I compile a report to let my boss know how the site did the previous week. We track everything from how many visitors we had on the site to how many people we gained on Twitter, ultimately we’re always looking at how we can grow these figures more & if we can spot any trends with what people liked.
After this I’ll log into my emails and see if there’s anything that needs doing. It’s my job to liaise between artist managers, PRs, authors and brands to organise content for the site. This could be an interview with a band who are currently in London and have promotional time, a Twitter takeover with someone in America (time zones are the bane of my life) or reaching out to brands we think our readers will love and getting them to place a competition with us.
While I’m doing all this I’ll also have an eye on social media incase something happens that we should be covering. Things happen at strange times sadly, so I may be quickly writing something at 11pm to ensure we’re one of the first websites to cover the news. I was driving home when the Zayn Malik news broke, it was a nightmare!
What’s your favourite thing about working at Maximum Pop?
One of the biggest perks about working at Maximum Pop! is that you get to see some amazing gigs for free. There’s so much going on that you could be watching someone different every night, every day of the month!
Maximum Pop! is also a really small team of people who all have something in common, they love pop culture and they love being a bit silly. It’s a really great atmosphere when we’re all together and as we’re small it allows us to put ideas into practice quicker than it would a very large company.
What would be your advice to people aspiring to work in a creative industry?
Be prepared to work hard, sometimes for little or no pay. In my experience it’s not that companies don’t want to pay interns and work experience candidates, it’s that they financially can’t. If you go to university use your student loan to get the train to some work experience, build up your CV in the first 2 years when the workload isn’t overwhelming. It might mean a few early mornings, but it’s all about the contacts.
If you’re looking to write for a website like Maximum Pop! make sure you read A LOT, make sure you know what’s happening with the area you want to write about. Start your own blog so you have something to show to companies and they can see your skills first hand.
Most importantly, remember to have fun. There are boring areas to every job, you might even have to make the tea at your work experience placement, I made one for La Roux once! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and show people that you’re determined and passionate about something.