Book of the Month: OPEN by Gemma Cairney

Welcome to March! Who can believe that the year is already going so fast? 

Our March choice for Book of the Month is OPEN: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be by Gemma Cairney - Radio 1 DJ and presenter of The Surgery.

OPEN is packed full of everything you need to get through life: full of expert advice, things to fill in and places to go for support, this book will be a best friend in times of trouble and topsy-turvyness. Covering all the stuff that bashes you over the head with a confusion stick sometimes - like heartbreak, sex and friendships, mental health, creativity and how to make a difference in the world - it will help you with everything from daily anxieties to life's biggest dramas.

OPEN has already had praise from some familiar faces, and we can't wait for you to discover it!

"If you ever need a wise best friend in a book, this is it" - Caitlin Moran

"It's the guide to life you've been waiting for" - Dawn O'Porter

"This book by Gemma Cairney is perfect - she is warm, witty, huge-hearted; the perfect confident and the perfect storyteller. What a great idea this book is!" - Annie Mac

"Gemma is absolutely brilliant - long may she use her voice to such a powerful effect" - Annie Lennox

We'll be posting about OPEN all month - in the meantime, why not watch the announcement video below and hear from Gemma about why she's written this behemoth bear hug of a book?

You can order your copy NOW at - and be sure to use the hashtag #OpentheBook and #TeamOpen!