The Rain: Caspar's MP3 Playlist

Caspar - the hotty McHotty in the opening scenes of The Rain - had a playlist on his MP3 player. Find out what was on it that made him risk his life to save it from THE RAIN! MKB have worked their tech-whiz magic (of which we have plenty, obvi) and have managed to recover poor, beautiful Caspar's rain-damaged MP3, and if we're honest, it's fared a little better than Caspar himself. 

I saw Caspar . . . edging away from us all. I saw Caspar staring mournfully out of the kitchen window.

I went to him.

‘It’s OK,’ I whispered, hoping the darkness by the kitchen door would hide the hideous mess my face was in so we could share a romantic moment.

‘No it’s not,’ he said. ‘That’s my MP3 out there.’

He pointed at his jeans; out on the grass, getting rained on.

‘F this,’ he whispered.


I was so stupid; I whispered it, so’s no one noticed.

‘Chill, Rubybaby,’ he whispered back, and kissed me.

I don’t know whether that kiss was meant to shut me up, but it did. Even with all the freaky horribleness of it all, I still had the hots for him and I still couldn’t believe that we’d actually snogged – and in front of everyone, which basically meant that as far as the glass mountain of being cool was concerned, I had now developed spidersucker climbing powers and had effortlessly scaled to the top. Best not to blow it now by blurting, ‘Ooo! Caspar! No! Zak’s dad said we really shouldn’t!’ at the top of my voice.

He slipped the lock on the door. He grabbed a towel. He held it over his head. He dashed out. I saw him do that. I saw him go out, barefoot in the rain in Barnaby’s kaftan. He dashed back in again. Slipped the lock back shut. Dumped the towel.

No one else had noticed. And me? I dunno what I thought was going to happen, like he’d just go up in a puff of green smoke or something. He didn’t. He rummaged in his jeans, pulled out his phone and his MP3, wiped them on his kaftan and waved them at me, grinning.

I felt like an idiot.

‘Cool!’ I whispered. I didn’t know what else to say or do so I gave him this quick, casual peck on the lips and went back to the snack-making . . . so’s I’d look like I was cool (and hadn’t even thought about angsting about anything). Tea! I had to make tea! I had to make a whole lot of tea right now! But the tea was made! OK! I had to casually butter toast . . . that was good, that was better . . . casually buttering toast.

Barnaby switched the coffee grinder off. It made a racket, that thing. That was fine, because it meant you couldn’t hear the radio. It was also why no one had heard Caspar.

So what was on that MP3 that was SO important that he risked his life to listen to it? You can listen to the ultimate The Rain soundtrack now and make up your own minds whether you'd have made the dash outside in the rain to retrieve it!

TBF, there are some pretty decent tunes on there, but best listened to wearing waterproof clothing. For style tips, please see Missy: