If Birds Fly Back Q&A with Carlie Sorosiak

Today on the blog, we've asked Carlie Sorosiak our most burning questions about If Birds Fly Back - her heart-warming debut novel. See below for everything from writing snacks to music to Halloween!

What can you tell the readers of MKB about If Birds Fly Back?

I can tell you that it’s about looking for something else and finding love instead. There’s grief and astrophysics and kissing, and lots of Miami heat.

What was your favorite scene to write?

It’s probably a tie between the ball pit scene (absolutely love that!), and the Halloween party in the middle of the July. I am so obsessed with Halloween that I found a way to work it into the summer. Sneaky, sneaky.
What’s your must-have writing snack?

I never used to eat them before moving to the UK, but I’m now a big cheesy oatcake fan. If I’m frustrated with a scene, of course I must have chocolate. And there’s always tea.

Where did you write If Birds Fly Back?

So many places. My little flat in Camden, my parents’ home in North Carolina, in the library at City, University of London, and – perhaps most notably – upstairs in Whole Foods Kensington. I consumed so much organic guacamole, I’m not sure that I can even admit the amount out loud.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?

Absolutely! Music is incredibly important to my drafting process. I need something that sets the exact right mood for the narrative. See my If Birds Fly Back playlist!

If you could give readers one piece of writing advice, what would it be?

Take writing advice from people you trust, and everyone else’s advice with a bucket of salt.

Thanks Carlie! Have you read If Birds Fly Back? Let us know what you think at @mykindabook