If Birds Fly Back Playlist

The wonderful Carlie Sorosiak stops by the MKB blog today to share the playlist behind her debut novel, If Birds Fly Back.

Take it away, Carlie!


Music played a huge part in the development of If Birds Fly Back. During drafting, when I hit on a song that I liked – something that really worked with the tone, message, or plot of the book – I listened to it on repeat, sometimes all day. I've heard of writers who loop one song for the entire writing process! I'm not sure if I'll ever love a song that much, but the list below represents the songs that impacted If Birds Fly Back the most, and why.

Song for Zula, Phosphorescent

‘Song for Zula’ had the right tempo and emotional oomph for a few of the sadder scenes – especially at the end. It’s just as much about love as it is about grief.

Ain't No Sunshine, Coeur De Pirate

‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ was perfect for the scenes where Linny is thinking about Grace, her missing sister.

Back to the Start, The Jungle Giants

‘Back to the Start’ is so upbeat! It says summer fun to me. And it’s all about secrets.

Can't Help Falling in Love, Fleet Foxes

‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ is one of my favorite songs of all time, and this is one of my favorite versions. I love writing about love!

First, Cold War Kids

There are so many lyrics in ‘First’ that remind me of Birds, particularly Álvaro’s relationship with Sebastian. And it has a beat that was great for late nights of writing. 

Comes and Goes, Greg Laswell

To me, ‘Comes and Goes’ is about loneliness – and I think that’s something Linny and Sebastian both feel… until they find each other.

Always Gold, Radical Face

There are a few lines in this song about someone who left in the dead of night, then returned a few months later, and all I could think about was missing people coming back.

Electric Love, BØRNS 

It’s a very fitting song for a love story – and great for fast-paced scenes!

Wild Country, Wake Owl

I listened to ‘Wild Country’ more than any other song. Maybe that’s because it’s about two people sharing a heart.




Listen to Carlie's playlist, and let us know what you think @mykindabook!