MKB Reading Resolutions

It's 2018! Last year was overflowing with book goodness and we're sure that 2018 will be the same - which means that we might need to tweak our reading habits so we don't end up being crushed by our teetering TBR piles!

With that in mind, check out the resolutions from the MKB team below and find out how we're all going to tackle our 2018 reading. 


George: In 2018 I really want to get back into audiobooks! They're perfect for when I'm walking into work, pottering about at home or running errands. Quite recently I discovered you can actually borrow digital audiobooks from the library, which is a revelation! So I now have EVEN MORE CHOICE! How brilliant is that?! Huzzah and YAY for the library!

First up will be Feed by Mira Grant, a recommendation from the lovely Jess in our "Books We'd Gift Each Other" post just before Christmas.


Jess: In 2018, I'm aiming to finish some trilogies! I have a terrible habit of leaving the final book unread - maybe because I can't bear to leave the worlds I've been living in. So in 2018 I'll be picking back up books which have been lingering on my TBR pile for much, much too long. And if despite this resolution, a new book like Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff sneaks into the pile as well when it publishes next year, then at least it will mean another series finished!


Kat: My reading resolution is to finish my books more quickly! In the tempting new world of multimedia it is far too easy for me to totally forget to pick my latest read up when I've been enticed by podcasts, YouTube, and approximately four million films available to stream online. But in 2018 I will PUT DOWN THE REMOTE, and pick up my books more regularly! You heard it here first.


Lucy P: My 2018 reading resolution is to read what I've already got! The TBR pile is getting scarily big and I feel like Lucy Mangan's memoir, Bookworm, will give me some fresh perspective on revisiting old favourites, too. I've been visiting my local library a lot as well, and there's something so satisfying about something you bring home leaping to the top of that pile!


Lucy C: Recently I've found myself regularly committing that most heinous of reading crimes- starting a new book before i've finished another. It has resulted in a teetering pile of mid-point bookmarked books and long-forgotten characters and story lines. The guilt is real. So next year I'm going to be stricter with myself and stick with it.


Have you got any reading resolutions for 2018? Let us know over at @mykindabook now!