Helen Eve's Stella soundtrack and dream cast

We asked Stella author Helen Eve to imagine her dream film cast list for the characters in Stella and their accompanying theme songs, here's what she told us

STELLA HAMILTON would be played by Mary-Kate Olsen

Stella’s song has to be – Fix Me, Nicola Roberts 

KATRINA MARCHBANK would be played by Nina Dobrev

Katrina’s song has to be – My Dilemma, Selena Gomez 

PENNY AMBROSE would be played by Anna Sophia Robb

Penny's song has to be– Disco Love, The Saturdays 

MARY-ANN TESSIER would be played by Taissa Farmiga

Mary-Ann’s song has to be – Hands, Jewel 

LILA RODRIGUEZ would be played by Vanessa Hudgens

Lila’s song has to be – Cherrybomb, The Runaways 

RUBY SINCLAIR would be played by Ariana Grande

Ruby’s song has to be – Mean, Taylor Swift 

CAITLIN CLARKE would be played by Lily Collins

Caitlin’s song has to be - Popular, Wicked 

SYRENA HAMILTON would be played by Elle Fanning

Syrena’s song has to be – Naughty, Matilda 

SIENA HAMILTON would be played by Ashley Olsen

Siena’s song has to be – Wild Horses, Cassi Compton 

SERAPHINA HAMILTON would be played by Michelle Pfeiffer

Seraphina's song has to be – Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri 

LUKE RICHINGS would be played by Josh Hutcherson

Luke's song – Youth Group, Forever Young 

EDWARD LAWRENCE would be played by Dylan O’Brien

Edward's song – Lovestoned, Justin Timberlake 


The Stars’ theme song

Definitely Swinging London Town, Girls Aloud 


Stella and Luke’s song

Unusual You, Britney Spears 

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