Fangirl Story Starter Competition

Rainbow Rowell has called her Fangirl characters into action and created a story starter for you. Finish the story below in no more that 200 words or upload an artistic interpretation of the story and we will be picking the top two entries to win a Fangirl artwork print and a copy of the book.

“I can’t believe you thought this would be fun,” Wren said. She was leaning over the oven, checking her Signature Meat Loaf. (Her signature was adding a packet of onion soup.)

“I didn't think this would be fun,” Cath said. “Levi did.”

“Yeah, but he’s yours now,” Wren said, closing the oven. “You’re responsible for all his fun ideas.”

Cath peeked into the living room, where Levi was sitting on the couch next to their dad. Jandro, Wren’s boyfriend, was sitting stiffly in one of the easy chairs.

Levi’s hair was sticking up, and he was grinning.

“No way,” Cath said. “I can’t be responsible for that.”

She went back to gathering plates. They didn't have four matching plates. Or four matching anything. She tried to think of the last time they’d had anybody over for dinner, other than her grandma, who always insisted they eat on paper plates because it wasn't “worth the mess.”

“We should all have dinner, all five of us,” Levi said, “like a family. We’re practically family.”

Cath should have argued, but she got distracted by the word “practically” and then it was too late. 

Now finish the story in no more than 200 words or upload your artistic interpretation of the story . . .

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