Melissa de la Cruz's Inspiration behind Alex and Eliza

Alex and Eliza is a sweeping story explores a romance between founding father Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, and if you haven't picked up a copy yet then why not? It's the perfect read to warm up these winter nights!
On the MKB blog today we've got  Melissa de la Cruz talking about why she couldn't resist telling the story of a romance that would change a nation.
Take it away, Melissa!
I have been interested in Alexander Hamilton for as long as I can remember, mostly because he was a Columbia (then King’s College) graduate, like myself. I think he was even mentioned during Orientation – we Columbians are really proud of our Founding Father. 
So when I was researching for the Blue Bloods books, I found out that Elizabeth, General Schuyler’s daughter, had married him. Knowing that the Schuylers were one of the oldest and richest families in New York, it was intriguing and really quite cool that she had chosen him. There was never any real pressure for her to marry, according to the research myself and my research assistants did, but I grew up on Reality Bites and knew that for a lot of women the choice is between either the sensitive poor guy or the arrogant rich guy.
So using the fact that Eliza did have other crushes, I took a few liberties and created this love triangle tension with a character that is the complete opposite of Alex. I love the musical; I love everything about this story. I love that Alex forgot the password for the fort simply because he’d spent an evening with Eliza, and also the poem he wrote early in their courtship which I wanted desperately to include in the book but we didn’t have the space for.
I love that he was such a fool for love, and that’s what this book came from.
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