MKB Secret Santa

It's almost Christmas!

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We're a giving bunch, here at MKB. So since we've reached the season of presents (as well as Christmas parties, mince pies and goodwill!) we thought we'd do some gift-giving!

And what better gift to give than a book?

All the MKB editors have chosen a name out of a hat, and then had to go away and pick the book they thought their person would LOVE.

Check out our list below! There are some awesome choices - you might get some inspiration for your very own stocking stuffers!


Rachel for Lucy

For Lucy I would pick the Eva Ibbotson YA novels – starting with The Secret Countess. They are GLORIOUSLY romantic, and I wish I could read them all again for the first time. They all have different historical settings and locations (Austria, Vienna, the Amazon), and heroines with different passions driving them (ballet, opera, and um… cleaning, among other things) but they all have utterly swoon-worthy romances at their heart.


George for Jess


Fearsome Dreamer & The Illustionists by Laure Eve

Am I choosing two books? Yes. Is it a duology? Yes. Do you need to read both to get the full effect and feel the sheer wonder and brilliance that is Laure Eve’s work? All of the heck yes. Dearest Jess, this Christmas I am buying you two things. I love you that much. Fearsome Dreamer was a book I stumbled upon about a year ago and subsequently became completely obsessed with. Laure Eve is a writer and a half with style no one can deny and uses of language that will leave you breathless.

The story itself is a high fantasy, techno romance set in an alternative universe to our own. It is Pride and Prejudice meets The Matrix and it completely kicked my ass. The writing is stunning, every word chosen oh so very carefully. I just wanted to stay in the world Laure had created for as long as physically possible, savour every word, every moment.

PS: The end of the duology is the most perfectly brilliant thing in the universe! FACT!


Lucy for Charlotte


Squeezed around the table, fighting over the last roast potato and squabbling with your siblings - these are the things we associate with Christmas no matter how old we get. Start with Artichoke Hearts and then Jasmine Skies and you will see how beautifully Sita Brahmachari captures that feeling of being with family - it's frustrations, it's hilarity and ultimately it's happiness. 

Join Mira as she starts to make sense of the world outside the safety of her loving family. This story of growing up and all the emotions it throws at you is filled with exuberance and goodwill, a pair of novels to really immerse yourself in. Sita's books are love letters to the importance of family - perfect for when you want to escape from playing Monopoly with your own! 


Kat for Leanne

For Leanne, I’ve selected the ultimate classic – Forever by Judy Blume. I don’t know if she’s read it yet… but let it be said that every fan of teen fiction – nay, of the written word! – should have a copy of this legendary book by the original queen of teen. Forever follows the relationships of Katherine and Michael, from first look to first… everything. Not only is it a classic, it’ll get you a little warm under the collar – perfect for frosty December nights. Our new 40th anniversary edition is just as swoonworthy to look at as it is to read.


Bea for Rachel

A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

A book is for life, not just for Christmas, and you’ll want to keep this beautiful hardback on your shelf forever. Curl up on a comfy armchair by the fire and escape into another world, where dreams and stories take on a power of their own. It’s an evocative take of love, mystery and magic, and a stunning book to boot. The brave young girl who could give Katniss Everdeen a run for her money when it comes to sacrifice is my inspiration for 2016. If she can take on a monster and become a smallgod through the power of stories, then I can tackle my New Year detox I’m sure.


Catherine for George

We all know our gorgeous George is a natural on stage – in fact just this Autumn he had a STARRING role in a local production of Sister Act (can I get an ‘AMEN?!’) so what could be more fitting as a present for him than Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story. Published in a glitzy hardback format this Autumn, with a foreword from the Grand Dame of musicals, Elaine Paige, this promises to be a showstopper and perfect for anyone who fancies treading the boards.


Jess for Kat

If there’s one thing I know about Kat, it’s that she LOVES horror. So this Christmas, I’m giving her a copy of the wonderful Feed by Mira Grant. The first book in an *amazing* trilogy, Feed follows Georgia and Shawn Mason as they run the press for a presidential candidate. Set in a world post-Zombie uprising, this is a scary, clever and addictive story about blogs as the new trusted news format, zombies around every corner and the secrets people might be hiding about them. Perhaps not the most festive choice, but this will still be a great read!


Leanne for Bea

For Bea I would choose one of my recent favourites which is The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. It follows the story of 18 year -old Nella who travels to Amsterdam to start a new life as the wife of a merchant trader; on arrival he presents her with a wedding gift – a cabinet-sized replica of their home. It is to be furnished by a miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror their real-life in unexpected ways! This book is an absolute page- turner, gripping and full of suspense.  I read this over the Christmas holiday last year and would suggest Bea does just that. It’s the perfect book to curl up with by a roaring fire.


Charlotte for Catherine

For Catherine I would recommend my favourite read of this year, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  I’m currently making it my mission to read cult classics that I’ve somehow missed out and this book was one I just couldn’t put down. It follows two rival groups called the Greasers and the Socs, divided by economic status, and is told from the viewpoint of a Greaser called Ponyboy.

The Greasers see themselves as ‘the outsiders’ of society because of their poor situation, whereas the Socs seem to have it all, and so there is high tension between the groups throughout the story.

When an altercation between Ponyboy along with another Greaser with a group of Socs ends in a stabbing the two boys decide to run away than face the consequences of the electric chair. The unfolding of the story is captivating and is definitely a read where you lose yourself, which is a perfect read around Christmas time when it all gets a bit manic and you can’t stand the sight of turkey and mince pies.