MKB's Festive Gift Guide

Christmas is coming - we can no longer deny it, and are playing our Glee Christmas hits on repeat whilst stuffing our faces with mince pies and browsing online for all the presents we absolutely must have, no questions asked. Inspiration when gift buying can be found in all sorts of places, and this year we've turned to some of our own MKB books to find the perfect pressies. This post is the first of three MKB gift guides that we'll post throughout December, and we hope it'll help you start feeling festive.

Without further ado... let the gift coveting begin!

Fangirl (gifts chosen by MKB editor Jess)
For a Fangirl based Christmas, the first present has to be a KEEP CALM AND WRITE FIC t-shirt! Not just because we know main character Cath would wear this t-shirt with pride, but also because it's good advise for any writer - fanfiction or otherwise - out there. Just keep calm, and keep on writing.

My second present for the Fangirl (or boy!) in your life is this lovely netbook, so that they're never caught out when inspiration hits - or they just need to read the latest update to their all time favourite fic RIGHT NOW! Small, light and super speedy, this netbook will keep you always connected with your writing and your fanbase! Nothing worse than missing something exciting about your OTP! 

And if you're looking to capture a bit of Cath, why not snap up this snazzy necklace from our friends at Tatty Devine? This necklace is a great homage to Cath whilst also helping you look stylish and completely on trend!  

Trial By Fire (gifts chosen by MKB editor Catherine)
Trial By Fire was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the summer – a new book by Josephine Angelini? Yes please! Frankly I’m in no doubt that Father Christmas would be a fan of Josephine Angelini so here are some suggestions that he might like to consider for a Trial By Fire stocking!

Fire is of course the overwhelming theme – a symbol for change, for passion and for strength. I absolutely LOVE this gorgeous fire inspired charm bracelet from which is an absolute bargain and will go with anything.

Lily, the protagonist of Trial By Fire, has rather striking features and one thing that I am particularly enviable of is her gorgeous hair. So though this might be a bit of a squeeze into your stocking, I think this Black Magic (magic, geddit?) hair dryer would would be the perfect gift for you and your locks!

Finally, to match your perfect hair, we're loving this set of flame-red lippies from the brilliant Kate Moss collection by Rimmel. This box set of three means you'll have one for whatever mood you're in - whether you're flaming with confidence or feeling a bit more of a gentle flicker.

A Little Something Different (gifts chosen by MKB editor Helen)
Gifts inspired by the adorable A Little Something Different are easy to find - squirrel patterns are most definitely IN this festive season! But my favourite squirrely gift are these pens (you write with the tail! Too cute!) which are perfect for scribbling down your creative writing ideas, just as Gabe and Lea do in the college class they share. 

They go perfectly with this hand-printed notebook, which will make the present receiver the envy of all their friends. Just to clarify, in case you haven't read this book yet - er, why NOT? - the squirrel has a hand in telling part of this brilliant story. Yes that's right, squirrel POV. We're not messing around with this creative storytelling lark.

Finally, Gabe’s aunt gives him Starbucks gift cards for every occasion. Perhaps you think gift cards are a dull present . . . but have you ever considered that you could use it to buy that special somebody who catches your eye every morning a coffee, and get the conversation started? Let the caffeine-fueled romance begin!

Amy & Matthew (gifts chosen by MKB editor Bea)
IMO Cammie McGoverns beautiful debut Amy & Matthew was THE love story of 2014 and (note to Santa!) it should be a staple in every YA fan's stocking this Christmas, best read alongside...

One of the defining moments for the wonderful Matthew is when he gets a job in the local cinema and has to overcome many of his fears quickly. The popcorn machine is a particular source of trouble for poor Matthew, but he eventually confronts his demons and even misses its buttery grease when he's not working (sort of!). Of course everyone knows that popcorn isn't just a good snack for films, it's also perfect for reading at home. This mince pie popcorn looks deliciously festive, and just the right size for one!

Review copies of the book were sent with little packets of Amy & Matthew Love Hearts (there were a few leftovers actually, but they seem to have disappeared now... how odd...) There are so many cool ways to personalise your sweet intake this Christmas, but I obviously like this HUGE jar Season's Greetings retro sweets or for the boyband fan in your life, how about these 1D ones...!

And just to prove that everything on my list to Santa isn't edible, this year I am going to be asking for Amy's favourite book Tell Me You Love Me, Junie Moon. Funny and irreverent, and wildly romantic by the end, this sounds like the perfect way to while away a few festive hours (while eating popcorn and Love Hearts).