What's Up With Jody Barton? In an Instagram animated extravaganza!

Emma Healy, author of Elizabeth is Missing is the new Reading Activists Instagrammer in Residence. Over the course of six months, Reading Activist groups from libraries around the UK will be commissioning Emma to make six short videos inspired by a book of their choice using the video app Instagram.

We were super psyched when we heard that Ylenia from the Gateshead Reading Activists briefed Emma with creating a What's Up With Jody Barton? Instagram video

*spoiler alert*

Here's what Ylenia had to say about the book:

'Meet twins Jody and Jolene who both work in Chunky's Diner in London for their parents, until one day they meet Liam who they both fall for. Jody misreads the signals and tries to kiss Liam but Liam is not gay, he is seeing Jody's sister, while all the time he likes their mother!'

Find out more about the Reading Activists Instagrammer in Residence Project and how to get involved with Reading Activists.

Do you think you could create a book review as an Instagram video? Why not have a go using the #mykindabook and it will appear on the homepage!