The Nemesis Survival Guide

Nemesis is filled with action-packed scenes where Min and Noah dart through their home town, attempting to survive a giant government conspiracy! If you're like us and are anxiously perched on the edge of your seats waiting to see if they survive, you'll be relieved to know that Brendan Reichs has stopped by to share his top ten tips on how to survive should you find yourselves in a world like Min and Noah.

Over to you Brendan!


In Nemesis, Min Wilder and Noah Livingston have a unique problem—every two years, on their birthdays, they are both murdered by the same man in a black suit. Except they don't die like normal people. Instead, each time, a few hours later they wake up in separate places in the woods about a mile away from their Idaho hometown, without a scratch on them. And they don’t even know about each other. This would disturb anyone, but after their fifth murders on their sixteenth birthdays, they decide they’ve had enough. Min and Noah begins to investigate the impossible things that are happening to them, and in doing so uncover a far-reaching conspiracy that is more sinister than the murders, and may implicate the future of life on Earth itself.

But what should they do? What would you do, if this was happening to you? Here’s a Top Ten List of things you might consider!


10. Don’t tell your parents. They aren’t likely to believe you, and might try to kill you.
9. Move furtively. I mean everywhere. Barrel roll down the halls to class. It’s safest.
8. If you see a cute stranger who wants to talk, run like hell. RUN. LIKE. HELL.
7. Suspect every adult you encounter, and also your lifelong friends. Kick any that get too close.
6. Learn to use weapons. Like, all of them. Hone those bazooka skills.
5. Floss. It’s always important to floss, and that doesn’t change.
4. Do you happen to know any secret information no one else does? HOARD IT.
3. I’d time capsule those Taylor Swift albums. You never know.
2. Always remember: you're not paranoid if everyone really IS out to get you.
1. That cute guy or girl you've always liked? Probably time to go for it. BUT SEE RULE 8.

Follow these rules and you are sure to survive the conspiracy! (Actually, probably not. You’re gonna be toast. But at least you’ll know how to use a bazooka!)

What would you add to this survival list? Have you read Nemesis? Let us know your thoughts over at @mykindabook