#EarthOvershootDay and EXODUS

Today on the MKB blog, we've got the wonderful Julie Bertagna joining us to chat #EarthOvershootDay and the 15th Anniversary of the incredible Exodus.

Take it away, Julie!

When you watch a 3D film, you feel you’ve dropped right into the action, don't you? It’s amazing! Imagine you had 4D glasses that gave you the power to see a hidden 4th dimension…

Reading a story about the future is like slipping on a pair of 4D glasses. Suddenly you see everything you’ve ever known in a startling new way!

The world took on a shocking new dimension the day I spotted an SOS in a newspaper from the other side of the Earth - a cry for help from a tiny island nation called Kiribati in the South Pacific, at the mercy of rising seas.

As I discovered more and more about the kind of climate change that could erupt if we Earthlings don’t tackle global warming, a vision of a savage, stormy world began to haunt me. And I began to wonder…

What if Kiribati was a forewarning? What if that happened to us one day?

All of a sudden a girl seemed to leap out of the future and into my head. A girl from the storm-ravaged world of 2099. Mara began to tell me of her amazing battle against the floods swallowing up her Atlantic island home. Across the wild ocean, a boy called Fox lives in a towering high-tech sky city, surrounded by a great wall to keep out desperate flood refugees - refugees like Mara. Against the odds, these two teenagers connect and their actions begin to change their whole world.

Ah, but that’s just a made-up story, you’re thinking. Real teenagers can’t change the world.

But they do!

Read about three teens changing the world one step at a time here. Check out Earth Overshoot day to find out what you could do. There are brilliantly easy ideas here. Could you, your friends and family cut food waste by making soup, sandwiches and pizzas with leftovers? Walk, cycle or use public transport more?

Think of a snowflake.

A single fragile flake melts into nothing on its own. But millions and billions of snowflakes can gather into a blizzard or an avalanche or a glacier that, over time, is strong enough to move mountains and carve out vast valleys - a massively powerful force.

The future is a story that hasn’t been written yet. You get to write the story because the future belongs to young people. Soon your generation will be in charge. So… what kind of future do you want? What can YOU do to help make it happen and gather support?

Through millions of tiny actions every day, Generation Snowflake has the power to change the world. Watch these amazingly cute Concerned Kittens show you how!


Thanks so much for joining us Julie! Have you read Exodus? Let us know over @MyKindaBook