The book that made you want to read forever

What's better than remeniscing about your first favourite book? Talking to your friends about it, and realising you want to add their choices to your list as well. That's what we've been doing at MKB today... Here are our choices of the books that made us want to read forever; what would you add?

Fiona Scoble, editorial assistant


The book that I remember first truly escaping into was Goggle-Eyes by Anne Fine. Her characters and their relationships with each other rang so true to life and their story drew me in completely. I can still vividly remember scenes from the book nearly twenty years later.

Catherine Alport, book publicist

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I really do credit my dad for spurring my love of reading.  Every Sunday night, after bath time, my older brother and I would get into my parents’ bed and my dad would read to us. He didn’t just read – for him it was more of a performance, doing all the voices and often acting out scenes as he talked! What he read was varied, from Terry Pratchett to P. G. Wodehouse, from the Odyssey (in translation!) to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – whatever he fancied really. This time was like a religion in our family – every Sunday without fail. And the one book that really stayed in my mind was The Lord of the Rings.  Its epic story, the fantastic characters, the humour, the description … and coupled with my dad’s talent for narration it really came alive. My dad was determined to read it to us, despite its length. It took him 9 months. And we loved every second of it. 

Kat McKenna, book marketer


The book that turned me into an avid, adoring reader was Matilda by Roald Dahl – not only because it was a book about a little girl who adored books, but because I vividly remember the praise I received from my parents upon soaring through it in just two days. I felt so proud of my reading achievement and I believe it really contributed to my future as a book lover. Thanks Mum – and thanks Matilda!

Elle Jones, digital communications

The Book of Three

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander started me on my reading journey. A great book for anyone who like books with a bit of magic and myth, it’s the first in a series of five books all based on old Welsh stories and has heroes, flaming swords, dark lords, a very talkative magical princess and most importantly, an oracular pig and her assistant pig-keeper.

Naomi Bacon, digital communcations

My Family and Other AnimalsMine was Gerald Durrell My Family and Other AnimalsWe were studying a section of it for our SATs in year 6 – I loved it so much that my teacher lent me her copy. It’s an autobiographical book and begins when Gerald is 10 years old so I could easily identify with him, especially as I was one of those children who was always out in the garden collecting pet snails and grasshoppers!